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At present communication technology in traffic situations is increasingly congested and less friendly in business activities, which has an impact on the loss of some companies. Especially for business people who often do large meetings in big cities.

Smart Meeting Room

As a company that provides communication technology as a solution for now Artapala provides solutions for meetings or meetings with smart meeting room solutions

With this solution, meeting rooms are facilitated by the latest technology to facilitate and smooth the meeting activities in presenting presentations and collaborations between remote users.

These meeting rooms serve as a room for employees who will hold short conversations or presentations with clients, vendors or fellow employees. In addition, meeting rooms are a place to gather sharing ideas, write ideas, describe ideas, and so on.

Command Center Room

Command Center is one of the facilities needed by companies to run Business Continuity Management.

In this case Artapala provides the best command center solution for your company with the infrastructure needed by the company for Business Continuity Management. Command Center is perfect for meeting, making decisions assigning, coordinating, monitoring and controlling all actions needed to respond quickly to the conditions faced, these actions include: emergency response actions, action plans for repairs and recovery, procurement steps, and steps provision of public information.

Example of the command center topology layout

Command center support facility features

Digital Workplace

Digital technology now has already been conveyed to in the company had even become business for the time being. Because that is Digital Workplace, appear in a work environment ecourage productivity digital employees can be transferred to use technology.

Digital workplace not only from on the use of digital technology, but on changes in archetype from the concept of work at present

Digital workplace will help the company in taking the best talent that has attraction for companies as well as emloyees own, companies should could give the work at the support.

as the leading solution, artapala provide solutions to the company digital workplace. For example the collaborated with his fellow employees can easily, both in one office and office different.

and to conduct meetings, you can use video conferencing with different office partners, Solusi Artapala can make video calls in other words employees can directly conduct long-distance meetings without having to meet with colleagues so they can hold meetings smoothly.

digital workplace has opened up new aspects of work and the results are not only in terms of increasing company productivity, but job satisfaction from employees.

Digital Collaboration

In an era of fast-paced technology and digital transformation, there is no reason why a company cannot store the information it needs quickly. The problem that often arises in business is an increasingly crowded traffic situation and less friendly business activities that have an impact on the loss of some companies.

Artapala offers a digital collaboration solution that enables the ability to easily find information digitally in order to share confidential data information internally and externally.

Digital collaboration transforms the company into a business power by connecting employees, information, digital tools, and corporate communications in a comfortable place.

Judging from functionality such as collaborative editing, federation cloud sharing and modernization of data infrastructure, ownCloud is able to facilitate digital collaboration and increase productivity.

Network and Data Communication

In the company usually having a part end and his own purpose, a carpel with the funcition is fit. On any part of he said will likewise empower the system was using in accordance with their needs the company, so as to have various system of a series of epiphanies one and the other.

The use of data on the network now it is more dynamic, because it reflects a change to a better interpersonal communication in processing business.

Communication data on the transmission this digital data between two or more dynamic, because it reflects a change to a better interpersonal communication in processing business.

The movement of information from one point to another with a system of electric transmission and optic is the way work data communication system. To expand business with system, long ter which includes transmission of sound and video (Picture and graphics) as well as data and usually means distance further. The workings of a communications network data is collected data from microcomputers, and other devices the send data to central sever that stronger namely, micro minicomputer, or the mainframe, or otherwise. Some of the process of a combination of two directions facilitate more efficient. Communication Data network system is also can give a massage with transfer services to allow computer users talking to each other through email, chat and video streaming.

Artapala provide solutions data network where system which will be transmitting plasma data network between endpoints through, cotrol system and a transmission line.

Interconnection the data network designd to transfer data multipoint or often called as a tissue from one point to one or more points.

Cyber Security

At present the company must have thought about how to protect its company's assets. Starting from criminal problems such as cyber vulnerability, convergence of cyber and financial crimes, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), email compromise and business competitors (economic espionage). Companies must be prepared with all possibilities that will occur internally or externally.

Cyber security is an activity for safeguarding telematics resources to prevent cyber crime and efforts to protect information from cyber attacks. Cyberattack in information operations is all types of actions that are intentionally carried out to disrupt the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Artapala as one of the providers of cyber security solutions provides protection to maintain company data security and corporate infrastructure systems to protect company data and improve business processes properly.

this solution is involved in Information Security including Compliance, data protection, cyber security, cloud security, and system planning.

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