The Oracle SD-WAN solution engineers the network and applications for maximum business impact by delivering a failsafe Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) that offers increased capacity, improved reliability, higher quality of experience while lowering costs. Oracle’s SD-WAN solution also enables a secure and consolidated branch infrastructure that delivers application and service deployment flexibility, without sacrificing availability or performance.

With the explosive growth in real time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing, a company’s productivity and customer responsiveness have never been more dependent on the Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure and the move to cloud applications. Having enough bandwidth to support increased demand as well as deliver predictable reliability and continuous application availability are keys to success. The cloud is rapidly changing demands on enterprise IT legacy resources. The traditional WAN deployment of the last decade—MPLS circuits and enabling devices, often augmented by separate WAN optimization and firewall equipment—no longer offer enterprise IT the necessary requirements for cost savings, flexibility, bandwidth, manageability and streamlined cloud connectivity. Failsafe Oracle SD-WAN offers organizations the unique combination of availability, performance and reliability, yielding a highly resilient remote site with platinum application Quality of Experience (QoE).


The Oracle SD-WAN solution delivers a resilient network that ensures application availability while lowering cost. The following are some of the leading capabilities and benefits of this solution:

  • Secure cloud access with visibility. Oracle extends the reach of the corporate WAN into the cloud by delivering an encrypted infrastructure with the performance, reporting, and control required to ensure a successful deployment.
  • Increased application QoE. Oracle SD-WAN ensures that applications work without interruption, even in the case of link failure or network impairments such as high jitter, delay, or packet loss

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