Artapala joined ALE to support Digital Transformation Towards E-Government

In recent years, various steps have been taken by the Government of Indonesia to improve bureaucratic performance through the implementation of electronic-based government systems (SPBE) such as e-procurement, strengthening bureaucratic reforms, improving the quality of public services, and One Data and One Map policies.

Efforts to improve the bureaucracy have increased Government Rating "Indonesia's Effectiveness Index, from rank 103 in 2015 to rank 86 in 2016 or up 17 ranks.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's ranking in the E-Government Development Index (EGDl) released by the UN from year to year also showed an increase. The report stated that Indonesia had succeeded in increasing its rating from Middle to High EGDI Country.

The rise of the discussion on e-government encouraged Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) as an integrated communication solution provider to hold ALE GovDay 2019: The Future of Government.

At this event, ALE shared a strategy of using technology and digital transformation that could support the implementation of e-government in Indonesia. This activity was attended by information technology experts and communication, e-government, and government representatives from the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others.

Through ALE GovDay 2019, Artapala as an ALE partner participated in improving the implementation of e-government in Indonesia. What signifies digital transformation in Indonesia has gone quite well and together sought the best solution for e-government development in Indonesia.