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Catalyst 4K

4K Display Wall Processor with Canvas 5.4

Create the world’s highest resolution video wall with 4K resolution on every display.

Get razor-sharp 4K resolution on every display in your video wall with the highly evolved Catalyst 4K processor. Faster graphics, real time frame rates, and better overall system performance than anything in its class is delivered thanks to its Intel E5 14-Core Xeon CPU-based platform with a PCI Express 3.0 chassis and 6 powerful, high speed slots. Featuring bandwidth that reaches 336 Gbps, Catalyst 4K delivers high resolution and high frame rate performance at 4K resolution.

Drag and drop video and data windows anywhere on the display wall, juxtapose sources in order to get a full 360-degree view of operations, and save and recall layouts appropriate for specific situations, users, or time of day.

Catalyst 4K ships with Canvas 5.4, the latest version of our award-winning collaborative visualization suite. More....


4K Display Wall Processors for Compact Deployments

Power, Performance, and Affordability

The Jupiter C-Series is a cost effective line of 4K display wall processors featuring the Canvas collaborative visualization software platform. Ideal for smaller installations, C-Series processors come fully pre-configured as stand-alone display wall processors with high-performance hardware that can decode up to 6 IP streams and support up to 10 direct video connections. C-Series processors can be used as a stand-alone solution driving a single video wall or integrated into a fully networked enterprise solution that is managed by the Canvas platform, enabling robust collaboration between video walls, operators, ancillary displays, and even mobile devices. More....

Fusion Catalyst™ 4500

Speed, Flexibility, Perfection

The Fusion Catalyst™ 4500 is the newest member of Jupiter’s award-winning family of display wall processors. Users and industry pundits around the world have called the Fusion Catalyst product line the best-in-class since its introduction in 2010. With more than 10,000 systems installed around the world, the award-winning line of Fusion Catalyst processors is designed for continuous, 24/7 operation and can be found in Global 2000 enterprises, banking and finance operations, oil and gas operations, network operation centers, traffic management centers, electric and gas utility control rooms, emergency operations centers, security centers, and fixed and mobile military operations.

Remember to bring your applications, because Fusion Catalyst is also a PC with Intel® CPUs and Microsoft Windows® onboard. Run mission-critical applications, access data through the network, engage the information, and collaborate on a wall-sized desktop. More....


Powerful Collaborative Visualization for Operations Management

See and engage every corner of the global enterprise, from anywhere, on any device. Sharing a common operating picture is essential to effective management, but often team members don’t work in the same room – or even on the same continent. Canvas, a Jupiter by InFocus product, delivers real-time video, data, and application screens from across the enterprise and empowers collaboration with team members on their video walls, laptops, and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

With Canvas, smartphones and tablets can also be sources. Point the mobile device camera at anything and share live video with remote colleagues. View the scene in front of you as well as an overlay of information from experts at other sites.

Users can share streams and collaborate from anywhere in the network: on a display wall, on PCs, and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

On the go, Canvas transforms any device into a portable video wall with instant connection and access to essential business intelligence. Control Canvas from a multitouch web-based interface to share camera feeds, laptop screens, application windows, conversations, audio, and real time data for rapid, well-informed decision making. More....

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