Artapala Product

Deltapath® O365 Connector™

Your solution for bridging your PSTN and PBX services to Skype for BusinessTM on Microsoft® Office 365TM and scaling your business

To Boldly Go Where No Organization Has Gone Before

0365 Connector is the only product on the market that bridges business phone lines to Microsoft Office 365 E1 and E3 subscribers to unleash the full potential of Skype for Business. It does this while ensuring your organization’s heavily invested telephone infrastructure remains a significant part of your unified communication solution. E5 Cloud PBX subscribers with advanced telephony requirements can also leverage O365 Connector to grow their business with purpose-built applications.

Deltapath® Connector™

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate with innovative technologies that meet the needs and the wants of organizations.

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